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Exclusive from WapYum as we dish out a new track called ''Bryson Tiller - Always Forever (Audio, Lyrics) - Lyrics'' check on it below.

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Bryson Tiller is back with "Always Forever".

Listen, stream, watch visualizer, buy, mp3 download, read the lyrics to the song produced by J-Louis, Teddy Walton & CAMEone.

Bryson Tiller is one of the most beloved r&b artists in the world, although he has been fairly quiet when it comes to releasing new music.

These days, Tiller and his girlfriend Kendra Bailey have been taking care of their new daughter, as the artist explores the life of being a father.

Thanks to the strength of his previous output, fans have been waiting and clamoring for something new, and today, they finally got it as Tiller released a new single called "Always Forever," which is a track he had been teasing for the last few days.

With this track, Tiller provides us with a smooth return to form that will certainly get fans excited.

In this song, Tiller laments about a lost love and how he thought it was supposed to be "always forever." It's content that we would come to expect from the artist and with cuffing season upon us, this track couldn't come at a better time.

Bryson Tiller - Always Forever (prod.

J-Louis, Teddy Walton & CAMEone) Watch Visualizer Lyrics.

[Intro] Uh-uh God Tiller I just think, uhm We started talkin' like two years ago, three years ago, maybe four years ago, somethin' like that Uh, it's [?] somethin' like that (Oh) Uh-huh [Verse 1] Yeah, you know I tried to stop Yeah, you know I tried I tried to give you a little less of my time Startin' to feel like I'm never in my right mind In my right mind (In my right mind), is it the right time, babe? (Is it the right time, babe?) See you in the nighttime, babe, it's nighttime I wish you had feelings like mine, baby Feels like I'm still just a homie (Homie) Actin' like you don't want me, yeah No, oh, oh, shawty just don't do it for me (Uh-uh) You do it for me (Yeah, uh-uh) [Chorus] Yeah, say you're done doin' it for me, then say bye (Bye) Say (Say) bye (Say, bye, bye, bye) Say-say now, girl, say bye (Bye, bye) Say now, say goodbye (Say, bye, bye) Say goodbye [Verse 2] You know I tried, I really tried Now you're right back on my mind I feel the time just, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, passin' by Thought this was always forever, so I'm actin' wild Would you lie to me, babe? Know that ain't right to me, baby You know I was here to stay Ain't really got much left to say [Chorus] Please, say you're done doin' it for me, then say bye Say (Say) bye (Say bye, bye, bye, baby, you want me) Say-say now, girl, say bye (Bye, you don't need me) Say now, say goodbye (Say, bye, bye) Say goodbye [Verse 3] Overloaded On all the memories and all the moments, yeah When I look back to them, it's hard to focus Oh, I'd like to imagine, the time ain't frozen (Frozen) Oh, don't tell no lies, you wasn't mine But hit my line up Why? 'Cause you was tired of somebody (Somebody) I won't say his name, I'm simply tryna forget everything Since you don't remember anything (Since you don't remember anything) CAMEone


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