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Listen, mp3 Download, stream, buy, read lyrics to "Go" by American rapper and actor, E-40.

The song was produced by Droop-E.

E-40 has been blessing us with bangers for decades and he clearly has no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Over the weekend, the Bay Area legend unleashed his latest single, "Go." The Hyphy bounce remains alive and well with an ascending angelic voice that builds the beat up until the verse kicks in.

E-40 swiftly flexes his flow while making references to Game Of Thrones, wiretapped conversation and diamonds in a matter of bars.

The new single serves as the latest single off of E-40's forthcoming project, The Curb Commentator which is due out later this month.

This album is set to follow 2019's Practice Makes Paper that included the single, "Chase The Money." E-40 - Go (prod.

Droop-E) Lyrics.

All I need is my family and dividends Stick with what I got, don't need no new friends Because the truth of the matter, now that I think about it People that I thought was solid, turned out to be salad Tipsy while I'm servin, smokin' urban Sippin' [?] new bourbon I'm whiskied, I'm burnt, and I don't care Everybody on the soil know I ain't all the way there I like to hear myself talk, no shuttin' up Triple for the triple shots in my cup Ready to squabble and knuckle up Prepare for all the catches when confrontations about to erupt Anybody can get it, ain't nothin' changed All it take is some little itty-bitty chump change Just triflin' this Gatlin' shit can get sour At 4 A.M.

in the morning, the murder hours Go, Run (Run) Go, Run (Run) Go, Run (Run) Go, Run (Run) Do the crime, do the time like I never left Back me up in the corner, never confess I like to drink like the midget from Game of Thrones [?] when I clap bones [?] system certified style Never know who's been listening when you're talking on the phone Gotta stay polished and crispy and buttoned-up Keep her nice and [?] on the cuck Gotta watch her whereabouts, be on the hush [?] shoot up your truck Laptop thieves, grab-and-go theft [?] and vandalism Pick-up with the package is not an option [?] shit is in the air like a toxin I'm having to [?] gettin' my gouda You don't want smoke, you not a hookah Go, Run (Run) Go, Run (Run) Go, Run (Run) Go, Run (Run) (Droop-E on the beat) Droop-E


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October 18, 2020, 04:52 pm

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