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Throwback to Juice WRLD's Hour Freestyle of Fire Over Eminem Beats, "Tim Westwood Freestyle".

Listen, stream, watch the video, buy, mp3 download and read the lyrics to the song produced by Tim Westwood.

Juice WRLD was the best freestyler from his generation.

The late Chicago artist could create hit songs off the dome, freestyling many of the songs on his Death Race For Love album and exhibiting his skills on more than one occasion.

During his radio appearances, he proved that he was the Freestyle King, outclassing other members of the youthful rap game with bars that actually made sense and came naturally to him.

Juice went in for over an hour, doing light work over "My Name Is" and other classic beats.

The way words just come to him is something special to watch.

Clearly, Juice could do this unconsciously, coming up with flows, clever punchlines, and words to fill in the blanks in his sleep.

There are plenty of moments in this hourlong freestyle that stand out, but the way that he doesn't tire out and continues dropping fire after fire after fire makes this one of the most defining moments of Juice WRLD's legendary career.

On the anniversary of this freestyle, we look back and remember Juice's incredible ability to float over any beat thrown his way, often coming out of the booth with a hit.

Juice WRLD - Tim Westwood Freestyle (prod.

Tim Westwood) Watch Video Lyrics.

[Intro: Tim Westwood & Juice WRLD] Youtube.com/TimWestwoodTV Yo, it's TimWestwoodTV up at Capital Xtra Got my man Juice WRLD in the building It's time to shut down the city again Last freestyle: epic, crazy numbers, biggest freestyle of the year We're about to go in This time, nothing but Eminem beats Understand what's about to go down: The next hour, the world is yours, let's do it It's live? Already? Cool, uh-huh We're back on Westwood, bitch Huh [Verse 1] Freestyle king, I'ma do my thing Married to the game, I'ma need a ring Run up on me, that chopper sing Brand new bitch, that's a brand new thing Broke up with my bitch, now she my side bitch Text me on my side-kick, huh, yeah She gon' keep the strap in her purse like a dyke bitch Run up, she fire shit, uh, yeah Nigga, just lose it, niggas be faker than optical illusions Run up on me, that chopper skip to conclusions I don't give a fuck with your bitch, I'ma do her Paul Wall with her, I'ma chop her and screw her, uh Brand new money Run up on me, chopper hoppin' like a bunny I don't walk it, I run it, keep it one hundred Headshot, headshot, drive-by in a Hummer Goddamn, just lose it, uh Make love then make music, uh Run up, chopper do 'em Waka Flocka, "O Let's Do It," uh Off of the top, I be kickin' it Hop on my dick like a frog, you be ribbitin', uh Look at the way I be rippin' it, drillin' 'em Like I be full of adrenaline, uh Sick of the Percs, I'ma put them down, huh Run up on me, that chopper marry your ass like you got a gown on Guess you a pussy now, huh? Ha, ha, yeah, yeah, yeah, guess you a pussy now, uh Keep this beat goin', mhm I'ma spazz for a second I'ma get up on they ass for a second Chopper on me, it's gon' blast for a second I'ma shoot him in his ass, I'm reckless Do it big like football, Texas I'ma ball out like the Texans Bitches pay me like taxes On the mattress, hittin' backflips Ride me, carpet, Aladdin Outerspace, boolin' on Saturn Give a fuck what you say, I don't really care about nothin' but the money I manage Hoes on me, they wanna fuck too, though Outerspace, I been pullin' on Pluto Bad bitch, huh Hot like a motherfucker hit the bitch up in June, woah, ayy, ayy Summertime sadness Off the Xan', tryna figure out what's up though Bad bitch, uh, tryna fuck though Keep it on the low, I don't wanna know, ho VVS on my wrist, no snowglobe Incredibles, feelin' like Frozone I'ma probably put dick in your ho dome, uh-huh, uh-huh In your ho's home, uh-huh, uh-huh I been rappin' all day, that's normal though I'm an alien, goddamn, an abnormal ho Pull up on 'em, chopper make it rainstormin', ho Hot like a motherfuckin' global warmin', ho Then again, I'm colder than a freezer Fuck your bitch, I'll leave her Dragon Ball, Frieza Pull up on the scene, my chopper got a fever Hand on my heater, kick it like FIFA, uh, yeah Hot like a Cheeto, fast like a cheetah Run up, I get 'em, uh, yeah Choppa like Jessie White the way I up the bitch and it flip 'em, uh, yeah Spazz on they ass all day though I was in the cut killin' people like Tadoe World in my hands, I'ma treat it like Play-Doh I'm full of shit, I'm a rich ass a-hole, huh Yeah, just lose it, uh-huh, uh-huh-huh, just lose it Bad bitch, look, the fuck are you doing? If you ain't gettin' naked then I'm not gon' screw it, uh-huh, uh Just lose it Don't make love, make music Huh, just lose it, uh Don't make love, make music, huh Pill pop, molly in the party Bad bitch wanna fuck, I got off the Bacardi Run up on me, I'ma hit 'em, chopper crackin' like Pilates I ain't ever give a fuck, motherfucker, catch a body I was in the cut with a bitch from Tacoma Smoking on pack, you can smell the aroma Young ass nigga but they think that I'm older Hachoo, bless you, my flow too colder World on my shoulders, feel like a boulder Run up on me, I told you that it's over Chopper get to doin' motherfuckers like it's homework Clip stickin' out like a motherfuckin' boner This is my flow, it's not a motherfucking loaner Only one of me, ain't no motherfucking cloners Ballin' on these hoes like Adrian, Adrian Knock 'em out, lil' nigga, like Adrian Broner, uh Look at the way that I ball on these hoes In the back of the club, mm, mm I got blue faces up in my pockets, I'm not throwin' no dubs, mhm Heart out my chest, I put that in the grave I ain't showin' no love, mhm I am not talkin' 'bout snails, shoot like Tony Snell with slugs, mhm Yeah, spazz, I'ma spazz on they ass Uh, leave a nigga in the past Uh, do it for the quick cash Uh, it's a big ass gun Mm, so you better get back Mm, your boyfriend broke, baby, I don't think you could fix that Uh, haha, yeah Old broke-ass nigga Hit the bitch from the back, that's a no ask, nigga Huh, already know, ass-nigga Run up on me, chopper on me, I'ma blow, ass-nigga Walk around like I don't even know that nigga Boppin' on the bitch like Kodak, nigga Up, down, left, right, cheat code that nigga Haha, hahahaha Bro, I said, "Up, down, left, right, cheat code that nigga," boy That mean I got cheat codes Guns sing like the leader of the Glee show BAPE on the cape, no, I'm not a hero VVS cold, no subzero Gettin' money like Robert De Niro Fuck with me, you get jacked like Sparrow I'll put you out your sorrow You won't live to see tomorrow Shootin' your Monte Carlo up My shoes, they cost your car note I am not tryna brag, but you know I got the quatros The pesos, I don't know, nn-nana, hahaha Uh-huh, uh-huh [Verse 2] 999, 999, uh 999, uh, uh-huh Uh, uh-huh-nuh-nuh We on the Eminem wave today Last time I was here, I rapped for an hour A fucking hour Uh, ain't no competition, I'm not worried .30 on me, Stephen Curry Sippin' dirty with a bitch that give me head just like she nerdy I been shootin', Larry Birdy In that bitch like a surgeon Put my dick in her throat, she get to regurgitatin', uh, hahaha Ignorant, yes, that's me, uh Catch a nigga like a taxi Usain Bolt, run this shit just like a track meet, uh Flexin' up on 'em like an athlete, mm Fuck nigga, you cannot surpass me, uh That's your bitch, well why is Juice WRLD tatted all over her ass cheek, ya dig? Ha [Verse 3] Ooh, yeah, that's what— Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah My name is I said hi, my name is gun, I'm aiming These niggas are ass, anus .40 aimin', leave 'em brainless Tote my stainless, fuck is you sayin'? I'ma dye my hair blonde, Super Saiyan Ruthless with this gun, shoot it, slayin' Sprayin', leave 'em on the pavement Jackie Chan kush, bitch, I'm feeling like an Asian Asian persuasion Run up, then I'm blazing In this fucking Bathing Ape blazer, amazing I'm up in that new thang Feeling like I'm Bruce Wayne Kickin' shit like Liu Kang Sicker than some flu game Jordan on me, flu game, nigga Sixty points on 'em on that flu game, nigga Look at the way that I do thangs I'm with my clan like Wu-Tang, every day we hustlin' Want a Lamborghini, remember dreamin' about a Mustang Now I'm 'bout my next thang Now I'm 'bout my next thang Blue face in my pocket, I'm ain't worried 'bout no chump change I can hit your block and then I turn it to a gun range Call of Duty closet, boy, that shit look like a gun game I just had to dread my hair because I couldn't maintain Now a nigga wildin', feeling like a rasta Choppa like guitar, get to strummin' like a rockstar I'm sipping lean out the cup, I'm such a Wockstar I put this .40 to your head and then I pop it I'm so violent, chopper with a silence Optimus Primin' Transform on your ho to fuck her for perfect timing Rollie change colors like the climate Diamonds on my neck, best believe them bitches shining I left my chains at the hotel, I hate jewelry I wear it just so I can participate in the foolery You got a problem with me? I'ma pull up with this chopper I'll shoot you and your father, put an end to your eulogy, uh Clip hold a hundred, count it like a centipede Twenty-one left in that Glock, I'll shoot it out the century I'm schooling niggas like it's fucking Elementary Prolly fucking these bitches and fucking 'em up mentally Now, that's just me [Verse 4] Westwood, you know we gettin' cash, right? Bad bitch, she gon' shake her ass, right? I'm like, "Damn baby, where you from? What's your name? You familiar, did I meet you in a past life?" I can give you all this money if you act right I'ma throw you all this money if you act right I'ma throw you all this money if you act right, uh I'ma throw you all this money if you act right Then again I ain't paying for pussy, you rookie... Juice WRLD


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