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55 thoughts on “Kogi Big Bold & Beautiful – Vote Here”

    • She deserves the award, though I knew they’re many other contenders but she’s simply the best. She’s has been an alternative dispute resulutor to many homes, intervening in raising tuition fee for the less privileges, her assistance toward pregnant women especially the woman that gave birth to quadruplets in Anyigba Kogi state can never be overemphasized.

    • Y’all need to see Vickie Andrewz in real Life, Babe is more than Worth this Mehn, is it front or is it Back? But shes very reserved, I wish the organisers can line them up physically, nobody fit bit Vickie Andrewz physically.

  1. Vickie Andrewz is more than Worth this, Babe gather front and back come fine join, if the Organisers can line them up physically, then it is finished.
    She’s respectful, Beautiful and gat it all.
    Dear Vickie Andrewz you are forever a Queen. Vickie Andrewz is the only true Definition of BBB!!!

  2. She deserved my vote because, she has touched so many life through her public enlightenment talk and bold talk across the state

  3. Dear Vickie Andrewz
    You deserve this and more
    You are the very true definition of BBB
    You have once Won it in Ebonyi State physically, but unfortunately it’s online in your own state, e no still mean anything you remain the real true Queen. Carry your crown everywhere πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘

  4. If this award is as the name applies then they should just hand the award to Vickie Andrewz already. Have y’all seen this lady??? Endowed doesn’t do her justice, like damn that chic is the B in BBW
    And what about looks? Makeup or not, she is model material.
    And character? She ain’t one of them hustler chics trending for the wrong reasons. She’ll be a huge plus for any brand that I can beat my chest about.
    Enough said vote for Vickie Andrews!!!

  5. She is the most deserving personality amongst the contestants.. she is bold, beautiful and excellent in human relation.


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