PRESS RELEASE 13th January, 2024


13th January, 2024

We are excited to announce the 2024 Kogi Social Media Awards, with the aim to celebrate the amazing work being done across various social media platforms and even beyond this space.

The event will honor individuals and organizations that are using social media in innovative and impactful ways.

A lot has happened within last edition & now especially the 2023 general election, and Social media was the battleground. It is time to call the results of who did what and who deserves the awards.

The Kogi Social Media Award (KSMA) has come to open a platform to applaud and reward all facets of efforts upholding/driving the Social Media world and enable an improving system. This entrenches beyond the participation in social networking, creation, and sharing of content via applications, websites, or what have you. This is a movement to enhance excellence. This has come to unleash the hidden or undiscovered potential to inspire a continuous higher realm of creativity and innovation.

Majesty Movies International, a leading movie production company in Kogi state has taken the lead to power on this laudable milestone in the history of our state. We open this opportunity to everyone to find their way on the stage.

The Social Media Awards aim to recognize those who are pushing the boundaries of what social media can do for good. Whether it’s spreading joy, raising awareness for important causes, or simply providing useful information and entertainment.

The awards will have multiple categories.
The stage is set to nominate & vote for the winners of the 2024 Kogi social media awards. It is going to be the most credible and transparent award in Kogi state. People will decide the winners through online voting.


Nominations & voting will go together starting from 15th January, 2024 and close on 30th of January 2024. We encourage every social media user to participate in nominating individuals or organizations for one of the award categories.

Anyone can nominate an individual or organization for one of the award categories.

Website for voting

We are hopeful that the Kogi Social Media Awards can help highlight the positive side of social media and inspire others in this state, to use this powerful tool for good. Social media truly has the power to bring people together and create change. By recognizing those who are harnessing its power in responsible and effective ways, we hope to spread that positive impacts even further.

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*Dansofo Usman Jr.*
Convener, Kogi Social Media Awards
080 3063 2561

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