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Listen, Watch video, read lyrics, MP3 Download, Stream "Letter To The City 2" by Canadian rapper, Tory Lanez.

The song was co-produced by C-Sick & AraabMUZIK.

Tory Lanez released Chixtape 5 in late December but months later, he returns with the third instalment in the New Toronto mixtape series.

The highly anticipated tape arrives during a strange time when the rapper, nor any artist, has been able to tour or perform shows.

However, the project signifies something way more than simply a new tape during dark times; it's also Tory's final album on Interscope.

On "Letter To The City 2," Tory details the various deals he's had over the years including his time with Sean Kingston, as well as his time with Mad Love, a subsidiary of Interscope Records.

Per Genius, the rapper is reportedly speaking of Benny Blanco, owner of Mad Love, but bleeps out the names.

Making references to the label's name slyly, he suggests that he wasn't getting the support that he needed.

"Threatenin' to shelf my whole career of five years/ As if he wasn't takin' money from out of my advance," he raps on the second verse.

It should be noted that New Toronto 3 was released through Interscope He isn't dwelling on the situation, though.

He celebrates the next steps in his career including the artists under the One Umbrella imprint.

"The next move is goin' fully independent/ and any label offer under hundred mill' is just offensive," he concludes.

Tory Lanez - Letter To The City 2 (prod.

C-Sick & AraabMUZIK) Watch Visualizer Lyrics.

[Intro] C-Sick [Verse] Uh Soon as you hear this verse, I'm out the record deal Exceeded twelve albums, four years, and that's a record still Hand to the sky like Emmett Till off the steppin' wheel And minus all the sex appeal, your boy about to flex for real Rolls-Royce Cullinan, four-doors 'cause my son in it I'm drivin' down the Gardiner, Toronto, home city With two tings that I partnered up, playin' putter and possum Then I puff with my girls like Buttercup with a Blossom Excessive needs for pussy, power, and SUVs That drop us to the back-door entrances, stress relief And no less, indeed, the shooters is pressin' like refugees And the fee at the entranceway too high just to let 'em free What can't alarm me is whose crew's finna harm me My little dudes move like new recruits in the army And all they see is food, shrimps, scallops, and calamari I gallivant at a Barbie while they gather back at your party Uh, should let the women I fuck raw and unprotected Like, fuck, if you get pregnant, I'll keep it Keep a secret, only in town for a week, and I'm Datin' women knowin' I'm cheatin' for foreign reasonin' Fuck y'all niggas throwin' y'all beef in, I'm goin' vegan with Heaven's timin' Shootin' and set designin', they're movin' like I sold ten million records in record timin' I did, then I kept on climbin' I started at 90 Orenda, plays and private agendas Tryna get fly, but niggas tried and I kindly reject 'em They ran my name through the mud, but I'm finally respected This here out of the plan, this more of a God purpose This here out of my hands, this'll never feel like 2012 Signin' to Sean Kingston for clout and advance I'm still proud of that man, know I fell out from his hands He didn't do me worse than — and all of his friends Them niggas out of this world, they came out of the sands I'm still 'bout it, my mans Thought this shit was mad love 'til I see my album advance They took radio from me, I stayed proud of my stance I kept slappin' the world with hits like I powdered my hands I would've been ten times bigger if — wasn't bein' bitter and doubtin' my chance Threatenin' to shelf my whole career for five years As if he wasn't takin' money from out my advance I got out by chance Them nights was like the Super Bowl, watchin' out from the stands God don't make things happen by chance And it's some things you gon' have to experience I'm dappin' up the border officer passin' the clearance He always makes a corny joke 'bout my rapper appearance Then I do a fake laugh that he catches like pass interference I fly back into Paris Blunt smoke ash on my terrace My competition's just a empty-ass class full of chairs Talkin' to myself, it's lonely, minus the fact that I'm here I'm tryna see all of my niggas blossom Mariah sellin' shows, Coachella her first year And minus all the times we disagree, I'm still here Pierre, Papi Yerr 'bout to be a whole millionaire Davo comin' out the cut with a chick with Sicilian hair Mansa droppin' next month, you niggas should be in fear Watchin' Melii do the numbers like she runnin' track and field Plus we just got Kaash in here And it's all Umbrella army on full attack mode, for real New Toronto 3, I'll leave it at that And ain't nobody fuckin' with me, folk, I'll keep it at that, yeah The next move is goin' fully independent And any label offer under hundred mill' is just offensive I promise AraabMUZIK


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October 18, 2020, 04:57 pm

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