Young Chris, Guapdad 4000 & Wale - Ryu & Ken - Download Mp3 (Music)

download - Young Chris, Guapdad 4000 & Wale - Ryu & Ken - Download Mp3 (Music)


Exclusive from WapYum as we dish out a new track called ''Young Chris, Guapdad 4000 & Wale - Ryu & Ken - Download Mp3 (Music)'' check on it below.

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Listen, MP3 Download and get the Lyrics to "Ryu & Ken" by Young Chris, Guapdad 4000 and Wale.

The song was co-produced by Deats & Bizness Boi.

Three artists who have very distinctive sounds are Wale, Young Chris, and Guapdad 4000.

The trio may seem like an unlikely group to link up on a track, but early Friday morning (March 20), they delivered a stream of bars on their single "Ryu & Ken." The song's name and cover artwork are nods to Street Fighter characters who are both friends and rivals.

For a little over two minutes, the three rappers share a sonic space by rapping a few bars before another artist interjects with their turn.

This isn't a track with a catchy chorus or repetition that you can hold onto; these are straightforward bars that hop from Young Chris to Wale to a soft-spoken Guapdad 4000 (or some variation of order), so check out "Ryu & Ken" and let us know your thoughts.

Young Chris, Guapdad 4000 & Wale - Ryu & Ken (prod.

Deats & Bizness Boi) Lyrics.

[Intro: Wale] Oh we gotta turn up the guitars up in the mix right, yeah Let's drop on here 'Til my situ- Yeah, psych Hahaha You keep that, fuck it Hey Gunner, we live, Fox 5 [Verse: Wale, Young Chris & Guapdad 4000] 'Til my situation better, I'ma tell it to whoever Tell whoever wanna clock, that I'll be infinite forever Nigga be talkin' reckless, I ain't even 'bout to test ya Make his girl and his sister experiment together, I'm cold, go Steph Curry, Clay Thompson, we Lebron and Kyrie Bounce back off the ropes, young Muhammad Ali Right back on your ass, doin' the knee to wall dash I'm hoppin' out of the trash with a mask, dead presidents, nigga, uh Yo, uh I want the presidents to represent me Raise Hell 'til our demons figure out how to pray Andale, andale, ee-ha, ee-ha These niggas Speedy Gonzalez, they rat and be gone, hol' up Niggas are singers, Céline Dion, fuck these peons Trunk space, shovel Know the barrel be doubles, I'm sendin' 'em out in couples I'm sendin' 'em through your huddle I leave the circle in puddles Uh, your puddle a circle of blood My karma fucked up, I know niggas servin' they block I come from the mud, I had to wash it off with suds Dirty money, mop it Cleanin' Benjis with the Dove Irish spring cleanin', left my demons in the tub I upgraded from dubs, they upgraded they love Motherfuck love, my poppa was on drugs, late night without a [?] Starve and pluck, now I charge 'em up, I'm the plug I'm the king of the castle, dig my thing from the gravel Arteries, bullets travel, I bloody up his apparel Bloody his apparel, now they red bottoms Don't check if that nigga breathin', niggas headshot him Spot him and we caught 'em, be a body when you hear about him I want my cousin to get out but the feds got him When I see the bruh who snitch we gon' red dot him like an Hindu, I'm in the air like a DJ [?], I'm the loudest of the loud I'm the flyest of the fly, when it comes to firearms I got Ryu and Ken moves You ain't, bully fightin', ain't got the guile to try to try us You M.

Bison, you back down and try light out, no Switch to Tekken, I'm a Devil of the Jin Holy flow, she go to Heaven off the pen I'm a joke but I don't ever hit the pen Now I'm takin' off the [?] and she learnin' how to swim Guapdad 4000


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October 18, 2020, 05:26 pm

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